JimuReport building block report version 1.3.3 released, a visual report tool

JimuReport building block report version 1.3.3 released, a visual report tool

Project Introduction

Building block report is a free visual web report tool, drag and drop online report design like building blocks! The function covers, data report, print design, chart report, large screen design, etc.! Adhering to the "simple, easy-to-use, professional" product concept, it greatly reduces the difficulty of report development, shortens the development cycle, saves costs, and solves various report problems. The key point is that this software is completely free! ! !

Current version : v1.3.3-beta | 2021-05-17

Integration dependency
<dependency> <groupId>org.jeecgframework.jimureport</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-jimureport</artifactId> <version>1.3.3-beta</version> </dependency> Copy code

Incremental SQL

ALTER TABLE `jimu_report_db_field` ADD COLUMN `search_value` varchar(100) NULL COMMENT'Query default value' AFTER `dict_code`; ALTER TABLE `jimu_report_db` ADD COLUMN `json_data` text NULL COMMENT'json data, directly parse json content' AFTER `db_source_type`; ALTER TABLE `jimu_report_data_source` ADD COLUMN `connect_times` int(1) NULL COMMENT'Number of connections' AFTER `update_time`; Copy code
#Upgrade log
new function
  • The new printing method "Print Form" is more clear for document printing (the printing of charts is not supported)
  • The new PDF generation is clearer (the support for supporting charts is not good yet, to be optimized)
  • Support linkage and drilling
  • Optimize excel import and export
  • Support landscape and portrait settings
  • The designer supports auto-save function
  • Support json format data set
  • System variables support current time and current date
  • Support format brush
  • Support inserting multiple columns and multiple rows
  • The query conditions support default values
  • Delete does not support shortcut keys
Issues handling
  • The report parameter of the api data source will be cleared every time the api is modified. #186
  • Invalid api data source #183
  • Custom api issue #177
  • 1.3.1-beta3API preview error issues/I3IE3O
  • 1.3.1-beta3 version, connect to SQL Server, data query issues/I3IF5W
  • Click the print button to get stuck #180
  • [BUG] The imported template cannot set any properties, and error #169 is reported
  • 1.3.1-beta2 version is exported to excel and pdf, the business data of the request api is empty issues/I3HMWQ
  • The local use of idea debugging is normal, and the jar package is published to the server and the error is reported as follows #211
  • Data drill is not available #187
  • I hope to add the function of printing all by page #200
  • After grouped cells are merged, preview error #155
  • It is uncomfortable without automatic saving, and can t be saved after a period of time #201
  • 1.3.1-beta4 version, design page problem feedback issues/I3ITX4
  • When the export list contains uppercase IOS (or uppercase English), the export will report issues/I3IIR9
  • Serious bugs The new modeling version under mac is not easy to use issues/I3NL58
  • SystemUtils.getHostName() in SnowflakeIdWorker class is empty in mac environment issues/I3NKZH
  • The popup component setting radio does not work in the single table and main table states #2478
  • Export excel or pdf can only export the first page #157
  • API query with parameters failed issues/I3JKM5
  • API interface returns more than 5S how to deal with issues/I3O960
  • Integration 1.3.1- beta4 service failed to start issues/I3O34Q
  • 1.3.1- beta4 API data set cannot automatically send token issues/I3OVQL
  • There is no vertical and horizontal switching on the printed page #245
  • The prompt content of the pie chart, lack of percentage support issues/I3NP5F
  • When the 1.3.1-beta2 version requests an unofficial business interface, X-Access-Token is put in the request parameter, it is recommended to put it in the header issues/I3HDEI
  • Use the system variable placeholder #{} to write the SQL data set, and the problem occurs. Hope answer #203
  • In the template case list, uploading the cover page is unsuccessful, and the log prompts an error #189
  • Use the system variable placeholder #{} to write the SQL data set, and the problem occurs. Hope to answer issues/I3J5U7
  • Large-screen column chart does not support interactive issues/I3MXKK
  • js calculation total accuracy error problem
#Code download
#Technical Documentation

Why choose JimuReport?

It is free forever, supports a variety of complex reports, and fool-like online design, very smart, low-code era, this is your first choice!

  • Scaffolding projects using SpringBoot can be quickly integrated
  • Web version designer, similar to excel operation style, complete report design through drag and drop
  • Bind the data source to the template through SQL, API, etc. At the same time, it supports expressions, automatic calculation of totals and other functions, which greatly reduces the calculation workload
  • High development efficiency, fool-style online report design, design a report in one minute, simple and powerful
  • Supports ECharts, currently supports 28 types of charts, online drag-and-drop design, supports SQL and API two data sources
  • Support complex reports such as grouping, crossing, totaling, expressions, etc.
  • Support printing design (support printing, background printing, etc.), setting printing margins, directions, headers and footers and other parameters, one-click quick printing, at the same time, it can realize accurate and seamless printing of invoices, real estate certificates, etc.
  • The large screen designer supports dozens of chart styles, which can be spliced and combined freely to design a cool large screen
  • Various types of documents and large screens can be designed, such as warehouse receipts, sales orders, financial statements, contracts, monitoring large screens, tourism data large screens, etc.
#System Screenshot
  • Report designer (completely online design, easy to use)

  • Print design (support pattern printing, background printing)

  • Data report (supports complex reports such as grouping, crossing, and totaling)

  • Graphical report (currently supports 28 types of charts)
#Function List
Report Designer Data source Support multiple data sources, such as mainstream databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, etc. Intelligent support for SQL writing pages, you can see the list of tables and fields under the data source Support parameters Support single data source and multiple data source settings Cell format Frame font size font color Background color Bold font Support horizontal and vertical scatter alignment Support text auto-wrap setting Set the picture as the picture background Support wireless rows and unlimited columns Support freeze windows in the designer Support copy, paste and delete functions of cell content or format etc Report elements Text type: write text directly; support numeric type text to set the number of decimal places Picture type: supports uploading a chart; supports dynamic image generation chart type Function type Support for peace Average Maximum Minimum Background Background color setting Background picture settings Background transparency setting Background size setting Data dictionary Report printing Custom printing Medical note, arrest warrant, letter of introduction and other custom style design and printing Simple data printing Printing of warehouse receipt and sales form Print with parameters Pagination printing Matching Printing of Real Estate Certificate Invoice printing Data report Group data report Horizontal data grouping Longitudinal data grouping Multi-level loop header grouping Horizontal grouping subtotal Vertical subtotal Total Cross report Detailed list Conditional query report Expression report Report with QR code/Barcode Multi-header complex report Main subreport Alarm report Data drill report Graphic report Column chart Stacked column chart line chart pie chart Dynamic Carousel Picture fold column chart scatter chart Funnel chart Radar chart pictogram Map Instrument dial watch Relationship diagram chart background Dynamic chart refresh chart data dictionary parameter Parameter configuration parameter management import and export support importing Excel support exporting Excel, pdf; support exporting excel, pdf with parameters Print setting Print area setting Printer settings Preview Print page number setting Large screen designer System function Static data source and dynamic data source settings Basic functions Support drag and drop design Support for adding, deleting, modifying, and checking large screens Support copying large screen data and styles Support large-screen preview and sharing Support the system to automatically save data, and support manual data recovery Support setting large screen password Support for deleting, combining, moving up, moving down, topping, bottoming, etc. of component layers Background setting The width and height settings of the large screen Large screen profile setting Background color, background picture settings Cover image setting Zoom ratio setting Environmental address setting Watermark setting Map setting Add map Map data isolation chart Column chart line chart fold column chart pie chart pictogram Radar chart scatter chart Funnel chart Text box Marquee Hyperlink Real-time time Map National logistics map Geographical coordinate map city dispatch map Picture Picture frame Carousel picture Sliding components iframe video Flop ring chart Progress bar Instrument dial watch Word floating clouds Form Option card Universal components Other modules More functions are under development. . Copy code