The long essay tells how I sent Tsinghua University to Tsinghua|The struggle history of underachievers

The long essay tells how I sent Tsinghua University to Tsinghua|The struggle history of underachievers

About the author: Program Yuanshishi (ID: tangleithu), from the 18th-line impoverished rural area ( check my counterattack road ), a BAT factory P7, is the former technical director of DJI (drone), used to be a startup company Have stayed, have a wealth of experience.

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Hello everyone, I am Stone Brother.

This is the 4th article in the series. The first three articles are as follows:

This series of articles originated from a question on Zhihu, "Should the poor family go to university?", I took the opportunity to recall my struggle along the way.

I come from a poverty-stricken county at the national level. A poor student who used to worry about paying tuition fees changed his destiny by studying. From the poor mountainous elementary school to the 985 university to the top Chinese university-Tsinghua Master's degree, they all rely on hard work. Step by step.

Although he is also an ordinary code farmer working hard in the imperial capital, from being a poor boy to now being able to settle in Beijing, I feel that this road is still very difficult.

On the one hand, luck is not bad, on the other hand, I have been working hard.

As mentioned above, after receiving the CSU University Admission Letter, I was worried about the huge tuition fees.

This article will describe how they solve this problem, and how their own efforts through four years of college and, ultimately, the whole prize walks the course of Tsinghua University.

There are also a certain percentage of college students among the subscribers of this account, and there are many computer-related majors or code farmers. This article will also share some of my own experiences in learning (computer, software) professional courses. If it can bring you a little bit of gain, it would be better.

This article directory

The full text is 1.3W+ words, 50+ pictures, after writing it over several weekends, it is divided into the following aspects:

The difficult admission process, the introduction of the scholarship system and how to obtain various scholarships through your own efforts.

How to conduct professional courses for college students, in addition, also include their own views on the work of college students and club activities.

In the end, being able to protect Tsinghua University was also very dramatic, and was able to make a micro film.

It will take a short time to read the entire article, so it is recommended to collect it first.

Difficult admission

Admission Letter

The admission notice was sent along with the school registration and enrollment procedures. I clearly remember that our tuition fee is 8950 yuan/year. As far as I know, almost all software colleges across the country (except for Tsinghua University) are similar. Some schools have cheap tuition fees for freshmen and sophomores, and sophomores and juniors are as high as 1W6 per year.

Fortunately, the country and schools have corresponding policies for poor students.

For example, student loans, the following is a screenshot of my student loan contract for a certain year. The state provides policy support and provides interest-free loans to students.

Student Loan Contract

No more than 6000 yuan per year, which can solve most of my tuition fees. What about the remaining 3000? The school also provides a green channel for poor students to enroll, and can handle policies such as deferred payment of tuition fees.

The student loan is supposed to be repaid after graduating from university, but if you are a graduate student, you can apply for a postponement of repayment. The interest on this part of the loan is still subsidized by the state.

For example, my loan is paid after graduate school.

So, I thought to myself, "The road to heaven is infinite", first report, and then postpone the payment of the tuition fee. Later, if you have the opportunity to make money, you can slowly return it to the school (this road is proven to work).

Universities rely on various scholarships

So I carried a few hundred dollars (it must be an exaggeration to say that I was penniless) and went straight to the school to report.

Looking back, registering for admission was also miserable. Back then, there were no train ticket sales agents in our county, and there was no way to buy train tickets. Later, I asked TLZ classmates to help buy the train ticket, but unfortunately only the station ticket was bought.

Therefore, when I entered the journal in the first year, I dragged my luggage and stood on the green train for 14 hours before arriving in Changsha, where the school is located.

I remember very clearly that I ate "closed door" when I arrived at the dormitory. After arriving at the dormitory, everyone went to the dormitory uncle to get the unified daily necessities (quilts, etc.), but I couldn't get it because I did not pay the accommodation fee , Quite embarrassing.

Later, after I went to the relevant department of the school to postpone the payment of tuition and accommodation fees, I brought the corresponding quilts with the certificate and moved into the dormitory.

I would also like to thank a fellow villager (YZ) who bought goods (daily necessities) from the wholesale market and reselled them at school to earn some pocket money. Knowing that my conditions are not very good, he took the initiative to give me some.

Scholarship (bursary)

Soong Ching Ling Foundation-Toyota Scholarship

To successfully complete the undergraduate study, I have to talk about the "Soong Ching Ling Foundation-Toyota Scholarship" project.

In the summer after the college entrance examination, due to the university tuition, I also learned from various channels on the Internet whether there are similar bursary programs.

I came across the Toyota Grants project by chance, and the school I enrolled in, Central South University was just covered by this project, so I submitted the application and the corresponding supporting materials with the mentality of giving it a try, and then I forgot about it.

One afternoon after registering for the freshman year, I suddenly received a call from a teacher from the school's academic work office, informing me that I was selected for this project, so there was a grant, not to mention how happy I was at the beginning.

I also won many scholarships (bursaries) during college. Although this project is not the most expensive, it is the first time I won.

And personally think this scholarship and bursary program is one of the best I have ever experienced.

The bursary program is to subsidize 10 poor college students from colleges and universities in the central and western provinces and cities, in principle, for 4 consecutive years (if there is a failure in grades during the course, the funding will be terminated).

Toyota Educational Fund Factory Tour, press release photo

The special feature of this project is that in addition to funding, students will also be organized to visit Toyota dealerships in their freshman year; in their sophomore year, they will have on-site factory tours (Tianjin or Guangzhou); in their junior year, they will also have the opportunity to visit Japan for exchanges ( Choose one from each school).

Toyota Educational Grants-Visiting Japan Exchange Activities, Press Release Photo

I am also very grateful to Toyota Scholarship and Soong Ching Ling Foundation. I am also fortunate to have participated in the activities.

Each school has 10 students in each class, so it also gathers people with similar backgrounds who are also very good, and make friends.

Photos during the teaching period

Later, our group of people also organized an activity to support education in Guizhou. This is a very precious life experience (there will be a chance to elaborate on it later).

National Scholarship and Bursary

Thanksgiving country

State grants

National bursaries are used to subsidize students from ordinary colleges and universities with financial difficulties. The funding accounts for about 20% of the total number of students (the proportion is not small). When determining the funding, it is appropriate to favor rural areas, impoverished areas and ethnic regions. .

If the family does have difficulties, you can apply directly to the school. Some students may feel that they love face and are shy. In fact, it is not necessary. This is the policy assistance provided by the state and the government to students with poor family conditions. (It is often the case that students are reluctant to apply)

Of course, if the family is in good condition, it is absolutely indispensable to apply for this bursary in order to "greet cheap". The "eyes of the masses" are discerning, and my classmates are all in the eyes of my own expenses and expenses. What's the situation in your family, don't you still know?

Remember, our policy at the beginning was that the national bursary was divided into three levels, namely 3000/2000/1000 per year. It can still help alleviate the financial burden of the family.

In addition, students who apply for and receive national grants can apply for and receive national scholarships or national inspirational scholarships at the same time.

National Scholarship

It is mainly divided into national scholarship and national inspirational scholarship.

National Scholarship for Undergraduates

National scholarships are the highest honors national scholarships currently available to students in higher education institutions. They are intended to reward students who are both excellent in character and academics. The winning proportion is about 0.2% (source Baidu Encyclopedia).

The bonuses are also good, 8,000 yuan for undergraduates, 20,000 yuan for masters, and 30,000 yuan for doctoral students.


I have won both my undergraduate and master's degrees (satisfied), and I should never have the opportunity to experience the National Award for PhD students in my life.

The National Encouragement Scholarship is a scholarship to reward students with excellent academic performance and financial difficulties. The amount is 5000 yuan.

Generally, the evaluation conditions of schools will be considered based on students' academic performance and comprehensive evaluation. Different schools have different policies, but they should all strive for fairness and justice.

The reason why it is necessary to consider other comprehensive assessments (such as moral education, etc.) other than academic performance is because the school is for the convenience of management and also to encourage the diversified development of students. For example, actively participating in various activities organized by colleges and schools, signing up to participate in various competitions, and honoring the college and even the school, etc., there will be additional points (not many).

At that time, the policy of our school (college) was that in order to cover more people with scholarships, in principle, everyone could not get the same type of scholarship consecutively.

A speech at a commendation meeting

Therefore, I won two national scholarships, with one national inspirational scholarship in between (it just happens that the family economy is not very good, so I have this opportunity). Basically, four years of undergraduate university, there are only three chances of winning at most (when the freshman awards were judged, there was no chance because of no grades in the first year).

School-level scholarship

In addition to national scholarships, schools (and even colleges) also have various scholarships.


The academic scholarship here refers specifically to the scholarship with the highest academic performance. There is no need to go through individual application, and the top scores will be automatically obtained every year.

The schools here may be different. In terms of the CSU university I attended, the coverage is really wide, and half of the students in the basic class have the opportunity to get it.

It is also divided into levels. The first, second and third prizes in the impression are 3000/2000/1000 yuan per year respectively. There is also a special scholarship of 5,000 yuan, which is comparable to the national inspirational scholarship.

I was fortunate to have won two first-class scholarships and two special-class scholarships (1%, twice, 5,000 yuan/time).

Social scholarship

The social scholarships here mainly refer to scholarships donated by alumni, alumni companies, etc., and there are many kinds of scholarships.

Central South University school-level awards

As shown in the picture above, social scholarships are scholarships established by successful alumni or entrepreneurs to give back to the school.

The details of each scholarship amount and award conditions may be different, depending on the standards set by the donating alumni and the school.

For example, some scholarships hope to be more biased towards students with poor financial conditions, and some may be biased towards a few specific majors and so on.

I am also very grateful to the several social scholarships that have funded and rewarded me:

Jiang Weiying Scholarship

Jiang Weiying Scholarship : The philanthropist Mr. Jiang Weiying was assigned to work in the former Central South University of Mining and Metallurgy after graduating from university in 1957. He was a foreign language teacher at Central South University. Since 2000, Mr. Jiang has set up the "Jiang Weiying Scholarship" in our school to pay tribute to Mr. Jiang.

Baosteel Education Award

Baosteel Education Award : Baosteel Education Award is one of the most well-known education awards (encyclopedia) in the country that is exclusively funded and established by state-owned enterprise Baosteel, supported by the central government, expert consultation and planning, and actively participated by universities. In addition to rewarding students, the award also rewards outstanding teachers.

Century Haixiang Remuneration Award : Shenzhen Century Haixiang Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., founded by Gu Jing, alumni of the School of Business of Central South University, donated 10 million yuan to set up the "Central South University Century Haixiang Education Fund". Similarly, the award also rewards outstanding teachers who work hard in the front line of teaching.


With the help of the country, schools, alumni, and all walks of life, you should be able to see that for a poor student, even if he is not particularly good, as long as he works hard enough, God will not let him miss educational opportunities due to financial difficulties.

Some awards and honors during the undergraduate period

If possible, I hope I will have the opportunity to set up similar scholarships in the future. So far, hope seems very slim.

Then, with the help of the public welfare concept of "Recipient-Self- Help-Help " of the Toyota Grants , I hope that I have the opportunity to help more people. Even if the articles I write can make some people gain something.

Course learning

Okay, "Versailles" is over, let's return to the university study life.

My goal is also very clear, which is to get a scholarship. Only in this way can we solve the subsequent tuition and living expenses (the facts have proved that this road is feasible).

Based on this premise, I can only force myself to study the required courses that I am not interested in. For elective courses, try to choose courses that interest you.

University courses

The above picture shows all the courses in my university. The grades are too private, so I erased them first.

Let's talk about several types of courses that I think are more important.


For compulsory mathematics courses, such as calculus, probability theory, linear algebra, mathematical statistics, etc., I still use the previous learning method, which is to listen carefully in class and actively ask the teacher if I don t understand it.

When I arrived at the university, many students were loose in their studies. Unlike in high school, when they completed the homework assigned by the teacher carefully, it might be more than enough to cope with the final exam.

In many cases, everyone s homework is often copied. Sometimes a class may have just a few homework sources.

Of course, I also copy homework. But even when copying homework, I try my best to understand the copied answers.

In addition, for students who are going to graduate school, don't fall behind in mathematics courses. Many computer-related papers require a strong foundation in mathematics.

English language

The importance of English courses is self-evident. Generally speaking, the graduation requirement for some schools is CET-4.

In my opinion, it is best to pass level 6 by the way. After all, these two exams are the cheapest. o(

)o (I have learned that for some certification exams, the registration fee alone can cost thousands).

I passed CET-6 in my sophomore year, and I feel I rely on high school English. For the exam, do more questions and mock questions from previous years.

In addition, in an English class, the focus of an English teacher should not be for you to pass grades 4 and 6. The key is to exercise your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

After all, it is always good to know one more language in this world. Maybe it will come in handy someday.

When you travel abroad, you will find that having a certain ability in listening and speaking English can help you play more fun.

Programming language

Computer/software majors are always inseparable from the learning of programming languages.

I think that in the school's training program, it makes sense for students from computer majors to arrange C/C++ as the first programming language to understand and learn.

Some books

I directly recommend C/C++ related books. The following are the ones I think are not bad for your reference:

"C++ Primer", "Effective C++", "More Effective C++", "STL Source Analysis", "C++ Programming Thoughts", "In-depth Understanding of C Pointers".

Classic books are worth collecting. If you have time, you can flip through them. Maybe you will get something else. For the student party, if you don t have money to buy it, you can borrow it from the library ( "Books can't be read unless you borrow them " ), or you can find relevant resources online. The same is true when I am in school.

The "visual programming" in the above class schedule is actually another programming language called "VB". With VB, a simple drag and drop of the mouse on Visual Studio will produce a decent software with a user interface and interaction. This is still very useful for using the sense of accomplishment mentioned above to motivate yourself to learn more. Effective.

For example, the big homework of the course was to write a calculator. After a short time of introductory learning, you can write such a calculator software. It is indeed quite a sense of accomplishment.

Especially for students from non-major classes, it is still very important to increase their interest in learning. I how to get started programming programmer, Advanced also mentioned that entry can be programmed to learn better to use a programming language, by trying to write some user interfaces (such as HTML + JS) small projects, to encourage small Demo Yourself.

One of the courses "Assembly Language Programming", Wang Shuang's "Assembly Language" is recommended. Learning assembly can help us understand how the written high-level language is understood and executed by the computer (combined with the course of "Compiling Principles").

I remember that when I was studying the assembly course, when the big homework was displayed, a great classmate in the next class actually wrote a chat tool with Hui. Everyone admired it.

There is no Java language naming course in the course. In fact, I understand that after mastering a programming language, other languages are analogous, nothing more than "sequence, selection, and loop". The specific syntax of different programming languages is different.

But the actual follow-up "software development architecture platform technology" is to learn the Java language as an opportunity, that course is mainly to learn the J2EE architecture.

Similarly, recommend some books on Java:

"Java Core Technology", "Java Programming Thought", "Head First Java", "In-Depth Understanding of Java Virtual Machine", "Code for Efficient Java Development Manual"

In fact, we also know from the course design that programming languages are not the focus. Data structure, algorithm programming, these are the key points, they are the hard guys who widen the gap between programmers.

Data structure and algorithm

"Data structure and algorithm" I think the most important thing, even in the case of limited energy, others can relax, but don't let this topic go. From what I wrote before, "With this programmer interview guide, are you still far from an offer from a big factory?" " As you can see in this article, data structures and algorithms have always been the focus of interviews for major companies.

Fortunately, Internet resources are very developed now, and there are various good courses to learn online. Here I recommend that the online course "Data Structure" of Tsinghua University Academy is divided into two courses: basic and advanced courses.

School Online-Teacher Deng Course

This course is a national quality course. It is taught by Mr. Deng Junhui. When I was in school, I took several courses of Mr. Deng. It was really good. He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching "data structure" and "computational geometry". , The PPT and animation effects used in the classroom are also very good.

The most important thing is that this course can be directly free of charge. Isn t it fragrant?

Many people say that data structures and algorithms are useless? It's just that he thinks it's useless, or it's useless in his work.

I have always had the idea that the group of programmers also conforms to the pyramid model. It does not necessarily have to be that everyone is a master programmer. Finding the right one and staying in the most comfortable position is great.

Other computer basics

Operating system : Just list a few topics and see the weight. Processes, threads, deadlocks, memory management, process scheduling, task scheduling, etc. are inseparable from work now. Recommended reference books such as: "In-depth understanding of computer systems", "Introduction to Operating Systems".

Computer network : TCP/IP, routing, network 7-layer/4-layer protocol, HTTP, DNS, etc. Recommended reference books: "Computer Network-Top-Down Method", "TCP/IP Detailed Explanation", etc.

Database system : ACID, a topic that cannot be avoided in development. Recommended books: "Database System Concept", "High Performance MySQL", etc.

Compilation principle : Like the assembly mentioned earlier, it helps to understand how the program works behind the scenes. This course is also more difficult. I remembered it as the one with the lowest test score among all professional courses at the beginning, . Lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, intermediate code generation and optimization, etc. It is recommended that most people have a general understanding. Recommend the book "Principles of Compilation".

As a student, having more flexible time that you can control is the best time to systematically learn these basic knowledge.

In my previous article, I also explained my views on basic knowledge- "From an interview question to talk about the basic abilities that a large-scale code farmer should have" , because in some daily scenarios, "copy and paste" engineers seem to be also Enough is enough. If you encounter a problem, someone with a higher level can help you solve it. If everyone is the same, how can you reflect the level of the master?

Competition, project, practice

Practice makes true knowledge, practice makes perfect. No matter which industry you are in, it is an eternal truth.

Unlike some other majors (such as biology, chemistry, etc.), computer majors have high requirements for various experimental equipment. A computer in hand is enough.

Like when I first entered the school, I didn't have money to buy a computer, so I ran to the school computer room. I bought a computer when I was a little older. At the beginning, my classmates "sell" a second-hand notebook to me. (Thanks again to classmate ZXJ).

As soon as I got the computer, I liked all kinds of tossing. (After all, I haven't played it much before) The double system and the triple system often break the system. But after a few times, I have experience.

In fact, learning is the same. You can practice more, set up phased goals, and break them one by one. For example, participating in soft exams, various competitions, project applications, etc. are all powerful "tools" for us to learn.

Soft exam

In addition to "coping with" the exam, I think that setting some other goals is also helpful to the learning effect; a good, staged goal can help achieve the result of "doubling the effort with half the effort".

For example, after the number of professional courses increased in the sophomore and junior year, in order to force myself to study professional courses, I signed up for the "soft exam". The whole course of the soft test is a computer technology and software professional technical qualification (level) test, which is also divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

Licensed programmer-system architect certificate of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

I was fortunate to have passed the qualifications of intermediate software designer and senior system architect. Among them, I also won the second place in Hunan Province for the Advanced Qualification Certification Exam .

System architect-second place in the province

The purpose of my registration for this exam is not to say how much the certificate has gold content, but simply to test the effect of my own learning and set myself staged learning goals. If you have the right opportunity, you can also try it.

Innovation plan project

The National Undergraduate Innovative Experimental Project is an individual or innovative team of undergraduate students. Under the guidance of the instructor, they can independently select topics, design, independently organize and implement information analysis and processing, and write summary reports to train students to ask questions, analyze and solve problems. Questions of interest and ability items. (Baidu Encyclopedia)

This is a good opportunity to practice. It is very fragrant with teacher guidance and financial support!

At the beginning, I formed a small team, participated in the innovative experimental project of college students, and received a national research grant of 20,000 yuan.

20,000 yuan is still very, very much for the student days. I remember that at that time, a few of us (small team) didn't care about the price of books. Just buy what you want.

Then when Nokia mobile phones were rampant (it didn't take long before Android started, or at least it was not popular enough in our school), I experienced Android mobile phones (because the original project was tossing about mobile development).

I also published a small essay (although it seems very watery now), which will actually be a bonus item for post-graduate research, job hunting, etc.

Various competitions

There are also various competitions, such as "Challenge Cup", "Mathematical Modeling", "Entrepreneurship Challenge", "China College Student Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", "ACM ICPC", and various programming competitions, etc. .

Here, I encourage school students to have the courage to try, after all, the cost of trial and error is very low. It doesn't matter if you don't win the prize. After all, this process is very important, and it is also a learning process. If you can win the prize, of course it will be even better.

And many competitions may require a team to participate. The game failed at the end, and it was also very good to have a few iron buddies.

I didn't have many competitions of this kind at the beginning, and I participated in one or two of them. For example, in a software design competition, I went to Chengdu to participate in the finals. Although I didn't win the prize in the end, I enjoyed the process very much. Besides, with the support of the school, a free tour of Chengdu for a few days is not bad.

Gadgets i made

I have also emphasized in this article that doing a small project can have a phased and systematic summary of one's own learning, which seems to be quite fulfilling at the beginning.

For example, this chat software is mainly imitating the QQ chat software. After the voice and video chat was done at the beginning, it is still very impressive.

Another example is another campus information network based on the WEB network.

WEB-based campus information network

The Fetion function can be used for personal schedule reminders, subscription weather, friend birthday reminders, course reminders, etc.; (Time flies, Fetion? If you have used it, you are "old" too)

For another example, at the end of each semester, you must count the results, calculate the comprehensive evaluation, etc. Think about it, why not write a crawler to crawl it. Sometimes, the "lazy" of programmers is to improve efficiency.

Crawler-crawl timetable and grades

Similar small projects can achieve the purpose of phased summary, and at the same time, their own accumulation and summary are also their own wealth, and they can invisibly benefit themselves in the future.

student work

When I first entered school, I deliberately exercised my ability in communication, coordination, organization and management (after all, generally speaking, poor students from rural areas tend to be introverted, and their abilities in this area are relatively weak). I participated in the election for class committee.

Unexpectedly, the election for squad leader was successful, and in doing so, he served as squad leader for 4 years. (In addition, participated in the establishment of the Student Association for Science and Technology and other organizations)

The hard part about class work is the class activities and unity of classmates. After all, every classmate of a college student has his own life, playing games, falling in love, studying by himself, and so on.

Advanced class collective

Fortunately, our classmates are very active, and 28 of them are quite good (one of them, FZY, transferred to a university in the United States as a sophomore).

Our class once won the collective pacesetter (2%) of the advanced class of Central South University. It was not easy to stand out from the more than 1,000 administrative classes in the school.

School advanced class collective pacesetter propaganda poster

We always adhere to the class motto of "being a good character first, and studying with concentration"...

In the last school year, our class won the highest scores in six grades: the highest scores in intellectual education; the most awards for technological innovation and entrepreneurship; the most awards for honors and cultural and sports activities; the highest attendance rate; the highest pass rate for grade six; and the highest number of party activists. - The speech draft of the commendation meeting

T-shirt at graduation, signature of classmate

Ashamed, I have less contact with them after graduation. The instructor of the previous class mentioned an expectation that after graduation, try to keep in touch with each student at least once a year. Unfortunately, I did not fulfill this expectation.

After all, after graduation, everyone has their own life, family, busy career, and some classmates themselves are not sociable. It seems awkward for me to contact me so bluntly and suddenly? (It seems to be making excuses for myself)


Now, I think what I can do is to follow everyone s dynamics in the circle of friends, leave comments and likes for everyone. Of course, if students want to find someone to chat with greedy, I m always welcome (I don t know if this text in this article can How many students read it).

Graduation photo-class style 0804

Then, just silently wish everyone.

after school life

Of course, you also need to combine work and rest in the learning process.

Work and rest

There is a paragraph saying "University life without a subject is incomplete", I think this paragraph should be changed to "University life without joining an interest club is incomplete" would be better.

After all, the rich and colorful college life also needs to be experienced, right?

Especially when you are just entering school, it is a good choice to cultivate your own hobbies, make friends, and join "society activities".

I was interested in dizi from the beginning, so I joined the Dizi Association and met a group of people with common interests.

When I went to Tsinghua University to study for graduate school, I wanted to join a similar society to learn and communicate, but I didn't. Therefore, I co-founded the "Tsinghua University Dizi Association" with a few classmates, and also won the title of Excellent New Association.

adhere to?

As long as you can persevere in one thing, you have already beaten the vast majority of people.

When it comes to persistence, I admire a teacher from Tsinghua University. Mr. Peng insisted on walking ten thousand steps every day for nearly 8 years, without interruption, even in wind, frost, rain and snow. like!

Teacher Peng who insists on walking ten thousand steps every day

However, it is really difficult to stick to one thing, and I am also an ordinary person, and it is also difficult to do it.

For example, in the matter of learning bamboo flute, although I like it very much, I invested little time and didn't stick to it. In the end, I was still at the level of entry. However, what about it? It's good to be able to play the flute occasionally in my free time to adjust my mood. (I can only comfort myself like this)

Of course, if you want to make a difference in a certain hobby, you have to stick to it. In the Tsinghua Flute Association, I knew my friends. I started with zero basics, but I studied hard and surpassed me in the future.

Workplace internship

part time?

I don't recommend doing long-term part-time internships outside of school for the purpose of "making money" (such as shopping guide in supermarkets, dishwashing in restaurants, etc.).

If it is a short-term part-time internship for the purpose of experiencing life, process, etc., it is OK. After all, the more time you spend in this area, the less energy you will spend on your student's main business (study).

If the family is in difficulties and needs to make money to subsidize the family, in fact, it is a "win-win" channel through the "scholarship", which not only makes money but also learns something. (The previous evidence also shows it)

Of course, not everyone can achieve the best results. Then I suggest that you can take part-time internships related to majors.

Internship-small companies make extra money

I had two internship experiences during my undergraduate course, one was for a small company in Changsha, and the other was for Tencent.

The first part was in the sophomore year. At an unknown software company in Changsha, I was introduced by a mathematics senior, helping me write code and earn some extra money.

During this time, I was a part-time internship. In addition to school courses, I helped write code and fix bugs after class.

Just like what I wrote on my resume, this is the first time I have come into contact with the company's actual application project. Although the task is to upgrade the project on the original system, I have gained a lot.

What impressed me the most was the personal experience of modifying other people's code without any documentation and comments. Since then, I have certain requirements for code style and code readability.


Another experience is the summer vacation of the junior year and the internship at Tencent last year of the senior year , which lasted for half a year.

In our school s software engineering training program, there is an internship stage, which is still credits. There are generally two types. One is to pass a written examination and go to an off-campus company for an internship. If it doesn't work, then the college arranges for corporate teachers to enter the school for training and internships.

Internship photos of the year

I remember that when Tencent recruited interns, they didn't go to Changsha, but instead recruited in the neighboring city of Wuhan.

I also struggled for a long time, and finally decided to train to Wuhan one night before the written test. Huazhong University of Science and Technology participated in the written test interview.

Expanding this piece, I feel like I can write a few more articles.

Tencent internship-B2 business line

In short, I participated in the back-end development of QQ Alumni (Friends Network) as an intern at Tencent. The most important thing is to experience the corporate culture and standard process of a large company, and to have a new understanding and understanding of the book knowledge learned by the school.

I clearly realize the importance of the system architecture for the later operation and maintenance of the project, and realize the importance of the clear division of labor, clear responsibilities of the various departments in the company, and the unity and cooperation of colleagues for the success of the project. In addition, learn and understand the company's internal framework and related practices of massive services ( sub-databases and sub-tables ).

Tencent internship

During the internship, the concept of technology changed. To give a clear example, for example, the courses learned in the school, even if it is a large-scale database technology, etc., still talk about distributed, stored procedures, primary and foreign keys, and paradigms.

But in the company, the actual project is not like this. As long as there are primary keys in the database, there are no foreign keys, and I have never heard of any stored procedures. (Of course it is related to the specific business)

On the whole, some of Tencent's culture is quite good, such as the "Ruixue" operation. What is more impressive is that the elevator cannot be seated backwards. When you go down the elevator, you can't go up first, and then go down, which will cause high-level personnel to never get down.

Open computer ticket after get off work

Haha, I once received a "ticket" for not saving electricity.

Guarantee Research

When it comes to research, it is also a history of "blood and tears".

Preparation work, target determination

When I first enrolled, I actually didn't know whether I wanted to apply for a postgraduate program. Fortunately, I kept my learning momentum and ranked among the best. The original idea was: first maintain the qualifications for postgraduate, and then talk about whether or not to study postgraduate.

Resume of the Research Institute-Award and Honor Part

We calculate the qualifications for undergraduate studies based on the results of the comprehensive evaluation. As mentioned above, how the comprehensive evaluation is generated, learning weighted grade points + bonus points.

During the period of undergraduate research, it happened to be an intern at Tencent. At the beginning, I still didn't know where to go to graduate school, what direction to study, etc., or even whether I wanted to go to graduate school. With the opportunity of one more choice, I joined the army of Baoyan.

When I was preparing for the postgraduate study, the school rules did not actually come out. According to the data reference of previous years, the first 10 or so of grades are eligible to be sent outside school.

My own comprehensive ranking is sure to be in the top 10, and I tend to take a professional master's degree (special master's degree, engineering master's degree) because of the reasons of this major. Emphasize theoretical research.

Actually, looking at it now, the difference is not that big, but generally speaking, there will be more scholarships for master's degree.

So I sent the materials to Tsinghua Software Institute, Zhejiang University Software Institute, and Shanghai Software Institute:

The software academy that was handed in recruits academics, so when you submit it, you are also applying for academics.

Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University School of software hospital software are only designed to recruit master . Zhejiang University is okay. It is said that in previous years, the senior brothers and sisters said that scholarships can be used to offset the tuition.

Tsinghua University is different, 20,000 yuan per year, and buy 2 get 1 free , that is, pay 2 years of tuition and study for 3 years (do you earn it?).

Although there are tuition fees, based on my previous experience, this tuition fee is capable of earning it back during my studies (by mistake, I was qualified for the full award later). It can be done in undergraduate and master degree.

During the period of studying at Tsinghua University, a monthly subsidy salary

For example, a program subsidy during the initial postgraduate study period is inserted.

Therefore, the Zhejiang University Software Institute used the guarantee (according to the data experience of previous years), Tsinghua as a jump, and handing in as an unfulfilled wish when completing high school.

Because of "policy", twists and turns

Never imagined.

A detailed policy for the research program issued by the college has changed the way of many people.

The general meaning is that no matter if you choose the school or the school, no matter if you choose a master's degree or a master's degree, they will be recommended first, and they will all be determined as full scholarships and enjoy bursaries.

The original quota was 4 internal academics, 9 external academics, and 7 professional masters (regardless of internal and external). In this case, under the implementation of the rules of our college, it has directly become 9 off-campus academics and 11 our colleges.

In fact, it can be understood that some policies formulated by the school for a good source of students. Our school was okay. Later, I heard that some schools had the best grades and could only choose the school undergraduate study.

This was bad, so I quickly changed my volunteers and sent materials. It means that it is not feasible to take a master's degree by yourself, and you can only take an off-campus master's degree.

Tsinghua has been abandoned at the time because the system can no longer be modified (for example, it is changed to a master's degree in computer science), and the software institute only recruits a master's degree.

So the software institute of Zhejiang University was changed to the computer institute, and then the materials were delivered one after another, followed by the Beihang Computer Institute and the National Defense Science and Technology University.

Research interview

After submitting the resume, it is to wait for the school to notify the re-examination. Generally, if the resume is decent, you will receive a re-examination notice.

The first is the Computer School of Zhejiang University, which is divided into computer test and interview.

The computer test is an algorithm question, because the algorithm question training is still relatively small (I haven't participated in ACM and other competitions), and only one question was made at the beginning.

Later, interviews, job interviews and job interviews are the same. All are some basic knowledge, but will emphasize the ability of English.

At the time, there were English questions in the interview at Zhejiang University, and the answer in English was a stumbling block, but somehow the teacher understood what I meant.

After the interview, it is estimated that a teacher liked me and invited me to visit the laboratory.

One laboratory is CCNT, relying on the Institute of Computer System Architecture, School of Computer Science, Zhejiang University.

In addition, one of the interviewer teachers invited me to their laboratory and introduced me to the relevant situation.

I remember clearly that this laboratory is related to computer graphics. There is inextricably linked with CG in the dark. (Later, I went to Tsinghua University to do research on computer graphics)

I thought, Zhejiang University should have won.

Halfway through, I received a call from Ms. Sun, who is in charge of enrollment at Tsinghua Software Institute, because I saw me sign up but did not pay the "re-examination fee" and reminded me to pay the re-examination fee.

I also talked to Teacher Sun about my situation, because I can only go to the master's degree and may miss Tsinghua University.

"We recruit a master of engineering, but there is only one place." Teacher Sun said, "In the end, it must be the academic place with the best interview score."

I would like to thank Mr. Sun for that phone call, which changed my life trajectory.

In the end, I decided to give it a try, so I bought a flight to Beijing early the next morning (there was no ticket that night, and no train ticket was bought). The interview time starts at 1 pm the next day.

Ah, I feel that I can make a movie with this experience.

Hangzhou to Beijing

Early in the morning (7:20 can be seen above), I flew from Hangzhou to Beijing with anxiety. First arrive at Beihang to meet with classmate ZXC, and then simply have a bite to go to Beihang (ZXC at Beihang) to Tsinghua.

Thanks to the ZXC classmates who helped to find a bicycle and rode to Tsinghua, the time was a bit faster, but unfortunately, I was still 15 minutes late in the end.

Unexpectedly, in the end, the written test was unified first...OMG, there was also a written test, and I didn't even bring a pen. Fortunately, all the multiple-choice questions, but there are also several pages, the topics involved are also some basic computer knowledge, and the written test time left for me is only more than 30 minutes.

After the written test, there will be 4 group interviews with a total of 70 to 80 people. Maybe I signed up for confirmation at the latest, and I was the last classmate in my group.

The interview questions are still the basic professional knowledge mentioned above, English question and answer, and the part of the resume. Including papers, projects, internships, etc.

The detailed process of the interview will not be described, and interested students can check it out on my blog. (So I emphasized earlier that it is good to write more blogs. I have recorded all these experiences before).

A few days after the interview, I was anxiously waiting for the result of the interview. I keep refreshing the official website of the college.

Maybe it's because I've been working hard and I'm lucky, and God cares about me. Maybe it's my extraordinary performance during the interview? In the end, I was admitted.

Can you imagine the excitement in my heart when I posted this page?

It's really "laughing out of pigs"

There is a name on the list, there are two places in engineering, I am still the first!

Later, after enrolling, I learned that Mr. Sun did not deceive people. There was indeed only one foreign master's degree. The other one was from a partner school, and he was required to return to the corresponding school to support teaching after graduation.

There is no need to worry about tuition fees for admission to engineering (academic) masters, and subsequent preparations to submit for interviews and other procedures have also been cancelled.

Of course, I also have self-knowledge, and I am definitely not sure that it is definitely the best one among the seventy or eighty people who participated in the interview. Maybe it's really because I played well in the interview, and if I have the basic strength, plus luck.

During the postgraduate period, I found that everyone is very high-level, academic and engineering masters. Now there are countless classmates who are better than me (remind everyone that victory is not arrogant and defeat is not discouraged).

I have always believed that people who work hard will not have bad luck in general.

Graduation t-shirt, signatures of some teachers (other teachers did not want to arrive at that time)

Special thanks to your alma mater, Central South University for training, and thanks to the teachers of the college for your guidance!


This article comes to an end. This series of articles describes the stages of my student life.

There are a total of 4 articles in the university today, which is a memory of my own, and I hope it can give some students some inspiration (after all, it is due to the response of "should I go to university for poor families?").

If you have the opportunity, please write about your experience during graduate school at Tsinghua University. Interested students are welcome to leave a message and give feedback.

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