China Domestic-A Collection of Available APIs

China Domestic-A Collection of Available APIs

China Domestic-A Collection of Available APIs

Include a collection of APIs available in China and share it with you

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  • OneNote  -OneNote supports getting, copying, creating, updating, importing and exporting notes, supports adding multimedia content to notes, managing permissions, etc. Provide SDK and Demo.
  • Weizhiji  -Weizhiji Windows client opens a large number of APIs, most of which are provided through COM, which can be used in javascript, C#, C++, Delphi and other languages. The interface is described by IDL (Interface description language) language.
  • Evernote  -Evernote provides SDKs for ActionScript 3, Android, C++, Windows, iOS, Java, JavaScript, OS X, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and other platforms and complete API reference documentation, which can be authenticated through API, notes , Notebooks, attachments, search, synchronization and other operations, while providing enterprise version and local API.
  • Youdao Cloud Note  -Youdao Cloud Note provides Android SDK, and Open API allows operations such as authorization, users, notebooks, notes, sharing, attachments, etc.


  • Didi  -Didi provides iOS and Android SDKs, which can implement operations such as pulling Didi to call a car.
  • Shenzhou special car  -Shenzhou special car provides two access modes: API mode and H5 mode, allowing basic information, orders, payment, recharge, users, invoices, vouchers, and corporate operations.
  • Uber  -Uber provides SDKs for Android and iOS, allowing four major operations such as passengers, travel experience, drivers, and delivery times.


  • Baidu Translator  -Baidu Translator supports multi-language translation, including PHP, JS, Python, C, Java version of Demo.
  • Bing Dictionary  -Microsoft Translator API supports two types of text and speech, supports mutual translation of multiple languages, and provides a C# version of Demo.
  • Kingsoft PowerWord  -Kingsoft PowerWord allows simple translation operations.
  • Scallop  -Scallop provides a complete API, allowing users to query, add learning records, forget words, example sentences, notes and other operations.
  • Youdao Dictionary  -Youdao Dictionary allows simple translation operations.


  • Dangdang  -Dangdang allows merchant users and website access authorization to perform operations on commodities, orders, pictures, Q&A, shops and promotions.
  •  provides SDKs for Java, PHP, .net, and can perform various operations after authorization.
  • Suning Open Services  -Suning provides Java, PHP, .Net, Python versions of the SDK, which can perform various operations after authorization.
  • Taobao Open Platform  -Taobao provides Java, .Net, PHP, Python versions of SDK, and provides multiple operations after authorization.
  • Amazon  -Amazon provides SDK in multiple languages, allowing multiple operations after authorization.


  • Baidu Maps  -Baidu Maps provides Android and iOS versions of SDK and JavaScript API for positioning, map, data, travel, eagle eye trajectory and analysis services.
  • AutoNavi Map  -AutoNavi Map provides JavaScript and web service API, Android and iOS SDK, supports map, positioning, search, route planning, navigation and indoor map, etc.
  • Tencent Maps  -Tencent Maps provides JavaScript API, Android and iOS SDK, supports positioning, map, location search, route and navigation, etc.
  • SkyMap  -SkyMap provides web APIs such as H5 API and JavaScript API, as well as Android and iOS SDK, supporting basic map services, layer management, map overlays, map tools, place name search and travel planning services.
  • Tuba Map  -Tuba provides JavaScript and Flash API, Android and iOS SDK, supports positioning, address resolution, location annotation, location screenshots, route planning, surrounding query, point of interest search and online navigation.

the film

Instant messaging

  • Ring Letter  - support Android, iOS, WebIM, Linux, REST integration, support for multiple message types.
  • Rongyun  -supports Android, iOS, Web, game integration, and supports multiple message types.
  • NetEase Yunxin  -supports IM real-time communication, real-time audio and video, teaching day classes, dedicated phone calls, text messages, chat rooms, and provides iOS, Android, Windows and Web SDK.
  • Tencent Cloud Communication IM  -Provides iOS, Android, Windows and Web SDK, and supports multiple message types.

Developer website

  • Coding  -After authorization, you can access the content of the website.
  • Dry Goods Concentration Camp  -Provides girl pictures and content such as Android, iOS, front-end, expansion resources, etc.
  • diycode  -The content of the diycode website can be accessed after authorization.
  • Open Source China  -After authorization, you can access the content of the Open Source China website.
  • Laravel China  -After authorization, you can access the contents of the Laravel China website.
  • Ruby China  -After authorization, you can access the content of the Ruby China website.
  • V2EX  -can access the content of the V2EX website.

Express inquiry

  • IExpress  -iExpress supports more than 90 domestic express logistics order query services. The free version has a limit on the number of times it can be used. It can be used for e-shop tracking, mobile applications, WeChat express interface and other services.
  • Express 100  -Express 100 supports 300 domestic and international express, the free version has a limit on the number of times it can be used.
  • Express Bird  -Express Bird supports more than 400 express companies at home and abroad. The free version has a limit on the number of times it can be used, including the .Net, PHP, and Java version of the Demo.
  •  supports hundreds of express query services, and the free version has a limit on the number of times it can be used.


  • Where to go  -support to get the content of Qunar.
  • Tuniu  -supports content and is only open to supplier systems.
  • Ctrip  -supports the content of
  • ELong  -Support to obtain product data, complete user reservations, and perform order inquiry, modification or cancellation. Provide online tools, and H5, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby version of the Demo.
  • 12306 (unofficial)  -Support to obtain 12306 train ticket number and fare query. #unofficial


  • Nails  - Support Bintang, business contacts, service windows, nail plate, maps, conversation, DING, telephone, audio, scan code, payment, sharing services, providing SDK and Demo, PC version of the UI specification, debugging tools and nails Nail UI component library.
  • Douban  -Supports functions such as books, movies, music, same city, broadcasting, users, diaries, photo albums, online activities, forums, replies, and I go, and provides Douban components, Douban logos and Demo.
  • Kaixinwang  -supports user information, login authorization, friends, spreading applications, payment, sharing content, messages, interaction, Kaixin application and other content, providing SDK, open source plug-ins and logo materials.
  • QQ Internet  -Support user information, QQ member information, space albums, Tencent Weibo information, share to Tencent Weibo, Weibo friend information, Tenpay information and other content, provide SDK, Demo, and design resources.
  • Weibo  -supports fan service, Weibo, comments, users, relationships, accounts, favorites, search, reminders, short chains, public services, location services, geographic information, map engines, payment, and OAuth2.0 authorization, etc., and provides micro Bo logo and SDK.
  • WeChat  -supports mobile applications, website applications, official accounts, third-party official accounts and other content, and provides SDK, Demo, and design resources


  • IQiyi  -Supports barrage, full-color player, high-definition stream, video hosting, playback of iQiyi video, application distribution, IOCP and other content.
  • Bilibili (unofficial)-Support  login, my information, fan drama topic, video/topic collection, follow, fan drama, bullet screen, etc. #unofficial
  • LeTV  -supports standard live broadcast, standard on-demand, video distribution platform, mobile live broadcast and other content, and provides SDK download.
  • Sohu Video  -Supports first-level and second-level content acquisition, content classification acquisition, video detail information, album detail information, rating list acquisition, keyword search and other content.
  • Tudou  -supports video module, bean single module, video library module, user module, repost module, field definition module, etc.
  • Youku  -supports content output, video search, smart recommendation, user login, user interaction, user information, video upload to Youku, video interaction and other content, and provides SDK.

the weather

  • Caiyun Weather  -supports global weather data, two types of air quality data, weather forecasts, live weather, exclusive precipitation forecasts, exclusive air quality forecasts, six types of weather data, four types of life index data, etc. Some functions are charged.
  • Hefeng Weather  -Support 7-10 days forecast, live weather, hourly forecast, life index, disaster warning, scenic spot weather, historical weather, city query and other content, only domestic data is free.
  • Know the weather  -support weather conditions, daily forecast and history, 24-hour hour-by-hour forecast, past 24-hour weather history, meteorological disaster warning, live air quality and city rankings, daily and hourly air quality forecast, air quality in the past 24 hours Historical records, life index, lunar calendar, solar terms, zodiac signs, motor vehicle tail number restrictions, sunrise and sunset, moonset and moon image, city search, etc., only domestic data is free.

team cooperation

  • Teambition  -Supports detailed documentation, and some platforms provide demos.

Picture and image processing

  • Bing Daily Wallpaper (unofficial)-Supports  picture URL and picture description, and can obtain data in different regions. #unofficial
  • Camera360  -Support full frame rate live whitening filter, provide SDK and Demo.
  • Himap  -supports image annotation, only provides iOS version SDK.
  • Business Card Almighty King  -supports accurate recognition of business cards in dozens of languages, automatically trims edges and beautifies business card images, automatically returns recognition results, provides multiple versions of SDK, and is charged.
  • Corporate ID recognition  -supports ID cards, driver's licenses, passports, etc., for a fee.
  • Scanning Almighty King  -Supports intelligent image cropping, five image enhancement modes, manual adjustment of image details, automatic return of scan results, etc., provides iOS and Android versions of the SDK for a fee.
  • Wozhitu  -supports similar image search, image recognition matching, image recognition keyword recommendation, repeated image detection, etc.
  • Bank Card|Credit Card Identification  -Provide SDK and API, charge.


  • Baidu Waimai  -supports merchants, dishes, merchandise, orders and basic data, etc., provides SDK and Demo.
  • Dianping  -supports merchants, group buying, online reservations, product reviews, statistics, metadata and other content.
  • Are you hungry?-Support  query, reservation, order, other orders, data push, payment, evaluation, activity, account synchronization, data synchronization and other content.
  • Meituan Takeaway  -Support stores, delivery areas, dishes, medicines, orders, order push, etc.

News push

  • Baidu Cloud Push  -supports iOS, Android and server-side, supports push, statistics, group management and other Rest API interfaces. The server supports Java, Python, PHP, REST API. Provide SDK in all supported languages.
  • Huawei push  -support Android, provide SDK.
  • Aurora  -supports Android, iOS, WindowsPhone, server-side REST API, and provides SDK of Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, Node.js and other versions.
  • LeanCloud  -supports Android, iOS, WindowsPhone and Web page push, uses cloud engine and JavaScript to create pushes, and uses REST API to push messages. Provide Objectvie-C (open source), JavaScript (open source), Android, Unity, .Net, WindowsPhone, Java (open source), Python (open source), PHP (open source), C++ (open source), Swift( Open source) version SDK. At the same time provide Demo.
  • Tencent Pigeon  -supports iOS and Android platforms, the server uses Rest API, and the server supports Java, PHP, Python and other languages and provides SDK.
  • Xiaomi  -supports Android and iOS platforms, server-side supports Java, Python and provides SDK.
  • Umeng  -supports Android and iOS platforms, server-side supports PHP, Java, Python and provides SDK.


  • Baidu Music (unofficial)-Supports  channel song list, album song list, song details, artist album information, search, all songs of the artist, ranking, all albums, all artists, artist's album list, artist information, Lyric search, song file details. #unofficial
  • Douban Music  -Support music information, comment information, tag information, search for music, the most marked tags in a certain music, post, modify, delete comments, and all tags of the music by users.
  • Koala FM  -Support to get the list and content of the specified category, search for the specified keyword content, album/station/live details, list the specified album, specify the radio broadcast list, category TOP50 albums, the latest page of the album where the specified period (fragment) is located Features, all live broadcast plans under classification, version upgrade interface, ranking, selection, traditional radio list/details/regions, etc.
  • Kugou Music (unofficial)-Support  search, various rankings, artist album information, download and get the playback address. #unofficial
  • Penguin FM  -Support to get the list of radio categories, the album information list under the radio category, the program information list under the album, the radio program play link, search keywords related anchor/album/program, the album under the name of the anchor, and the new anchor in a specific time period/Updated albums/Added albums, etc.
  • QQ Music (unofficial)-Support  song chart, song/lyric address, song picture. #unofficial
  • Dragonfly FM  -supports OAuth2.0 authorization, audio data center, classification, on-demand, live broadcast, temporary live broadcast, ranking, search, content update status, anchor, this moment, special topics, events, etc.
  • NetEase Cloud Music (unofficial)-Supports  obtaining user playlists, playlist details, and song URLs. #unofficial
  • Himalaya FM  -Supports Android and iOS platforms, and provides corresponding SDK and Demo. For specific support content, please download relevant files to view.


  • Alibaba Cloud  -supports flexible computing, database, storage and CDN, network, application services, domain names and websites and other categories of content, and provides related SDKs.
  • Baidu Cloud  -supports computing and networking, storage and CDN, database, security and management, data analysis, intelligent multimedia services, Internet of Things services, artificial intelligence, application services, website services, digital marketing services and other content, and provides related SDKs.
  • Bmob  -Support cloud database, container service, message push, file storage, SMS verification code, timely communication, cloud logic, timed tasks, geographic location, etc.
  • LeanCloud  -supports cloud storage, data analysis, user relations, real-time communication, news push, mobile statistics, etc.
  • Qiniu Cloud  -supports object storage, integrated CDN, live cloud, data processing, etc.
  • Tencent Cloud  -supports computing, network, storage and CDN, database, security services, monitoring and management, domain name services, video services, big data and AI, etc., and provides related SDKs.
  • Take Cloud  -Support CDN, cloud storage, live cloud, on-demand cloud, SSL certificate service, cloud processing, traffic marketing, etc.
  • Wild Dog  -supports real-time data synchronization, real-time video calls, real-time communication, SMS, identity authentication, etc.

Speech Recognition

  • Baidu Voice  -supports full-platform REST API, offline and online integration mode, in-depth semantic analysis, scene recognition customization, custom upload of corpus, training model, and basic services are permanently free. Provide corresponding SDK and Demo applications.
  • Sogou Voice Cloud Open Platform  -Supports online/offline voice recognition, online song recognition, offline voice synthesis and other content. Provide corresponding platform SDK.
  • Xunfei Open Platform  -supports voice dictation/transcribing, online/offline command word recognition, voice wake-up, etc. The platform supports a wide range and provides the corresponding SDK.


  • Douban Moment (Unofficial)-Support to  get a list of articles on a specified date, column overview, recommended authors, author information, more article information about authors, column article lists and page turning, article comments and popular comment lists. #unofficial
  • One (unofficial)-Support to  get homepage pictures, articles, music and movies. #unofficial
  • Zhihu Daily (unofficial)-Support  for getting interface startup images, software version query, latest news, news content acquisition and offline download, past news, news extra news, news corresponding long/short comment viewing, topic daily news list, topic daily news content , Popular news, column overview, column specific news, news recommender, news before a column, editor's homepage, etc. #unofficial
  • Know the column (unofficial)-Support to  get the information of the specified column, the article list of the specified column, the content of the specified article, the comment list, and the like information. #unofficial


  • Avatar Data  -supports financial stocks, recharge authentication, convenience, news articles, medical transportation, science, education, art, creative data, timely communication and other content.
  • Alibaba is greater than  -supports content such as verification code, SMS notification, voice notification, data wallet recharge, private line, group sending assistant, etc.
  • APiX  -supports basic credit information, credit analysis services, payment interface and other data, some are free.
  • Baidu API STORE  -supports multiple types of data, some are free, and SDK is provided.
  • HaoService  -supports multiple types of data.
  • Aggregated data  -supports multiple types of data, some are free.
  • Tonglian Data  -provides financial data and supports free trial.

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