Turning to Wind and Rain at the age of 27 3-Breaking the curse of 35 years old, programmer transformation road

Turning to Wind and Rain at the age of 27 3-Breaking the curse of 35 years old, programmer transformation road


Talking for ten months: it must be the daughter, and finally brought it to the ground

The year 2020 is really comfortable, and I have been running hard for several years in a row, and I have always wanted to take a break. Work is stable and leisurely, my wife also finds a job, the work place is very close to me, and my son goes to kindergarten to take over. Drive 40 minutes to get off work, write code in the morning, visit the community in the afternoon, and play a few dotas at night.

It's already quite satisfying to live like this.

However, at the end of August, my wife sent me two gangbangs again, and I... I am a real young man with gangbang.

My wife s company also had some problems, so I resigned. I was tired of planning. Instead of dragging my belly to work, I had better rest at home and learn the front-end. In the future, we will write code together, which is not good.

If it s not for the second child, I ll just boil the frog in warm water and I ll be dead

Don't look at it now, it seems to be on a regular basis. I get 13.6k every month, so I can only maintain a basic life.

Now it s just taking the burden that I should have borne from my mother, my sister, and my wife.

Mortgage loan 3000, car loan 2000, monthly payment to wife 5000, 3,600 life...In fact, this salary is barely enough to live a life.

During the process of changing careers without talking about money over the years, I owed my sister more than 30,000. If I paid 1,000 in a month, I would have to pay back three years.

Now I have a second child, and the house I bought in 16 years was delivered in 18 years, so I can't afford to spend money on renovations. Just keep it. Now that the second child has been fixed, the renovation must be on the agenda.

When I first received the two bars, my wife and I didn t really want it in our minds. Until now, we had no prospects for buying a house, getting married, having children, and having a job. We went on a rampage for 2 years. The days just passed smoothly, and we kept coming for the second child. It is really not giving any breathing time, the old debt has not yet been paid, and new demand is added.

The two families get news, eat together, and do work for both of us. After all, it is a life. It s just to think about it. I really have to take action to go to the hospital. I feel a little bit reluctant. The best time for abortion has passed in the entanglement. Forget it, it s fate when it comes. one day.

The big end is decoration. My wife hopes that I will put out one hundred thousand, which is definitely not enough. I know what she means, and she will find a way for the rest. The problem now is that I have just balanced my income and expenditure. My salary is basically moonlight, and I don t have any savings. I still owe my sister 30,000. I owe it for almost 3 years, and I haven t paid any points. I bought a house and got married and emptied my parents I owe 20,000 yuan to others, and there is no developed master among relatives and friends. Every family has hard-to-read scriptures. Borrowing money is always the most difficult, besides, it is 100,000 yuan.

I couldn't sleep, I thought about it all night, but I could only talk to my sister, a teacher who worked for four years, was thrifty and simple, lived in school and eats in the cafeteria, and didn't usually spend much. But I also know that one hundred thousand is definitely a huge sum of money for him, and it will almost squeeze her out, and my ability to repay the money is totally out of it at present.

What should I do? Looking up, I owe people who I owe: Although my parents are incapable, they have tried their best to satisfy me since they were young. Getting married and buying a house has done everything for me; my sister has been sensible and obedient since I was young. After I went to Huanong, she With a high score of more than 630, I chose a free teacher student from China Normal University. After working, I kept lending money to my older brother for turnover; my wife was the only child, and she had no hardship since she was a child. She talked with friends for two years and never took her anywhere to play. I have not given any decent gifts. I have been married for three years and the house has not been installed yet; my father-in-law and mother-in-law had to take care of my children every day, but they were tired and have to endure the trivialities of life. .

I don t know if all men are so difficult at this time;

Sometimes I also think: Why do I struggle hard, but still have a bad life?

I only hate that I am too late, I only lament the lack of ability;

The time wasted when I was young, now has to be repaid twice.

I had to cheer up, lean on the rails, and find a way to break the game

The current dilemma

With 13.6k in hand, it's already pretty good in Wuhan, in the front-end field. In addition, there are relatively few things, and it's closer to home. It's just a dream job. I want to increase by three or four thousand through job-hopping as before. Not to mention whether I can find such a job with my current technical ability, even if I find it, the overtime and the work pressure that I need to bear are all costs that must be considered.

The internal turmoil of the company at the end of 19 and the alternating epidemics between China and the United States from 20 years to the present have caused the study abroad industry to be bleak. It is impossible to get a foothold in your job and get a promotion or raise your salary.

In 2020, due to the epidemic, the company has been working from home. In order to revitalize the business, the company started the American Campus Epidemic Network. I was very busy at the beginning of the year. The company was considered alive and dead at the time. Although it was a mature company in the United States for more than 20 years, it was due to internal consumption in 19 years. The company invested millions of dollars in AI programming for children, but the study abroad business was stricken by the epidemic as a whole. Both the company's two major businesses have black swans, which are maintained only by cash flow.

So at the time, the campus epidemic network was attached great importance to the company. Under this pressure, I released the wordpress version within three days to allow the marketing department to start operations. After that, I used vue to refactor and iterate non-stop, and finally for seo. , Refactored again using nuxt server-side rendering.

When I was busy in April, my wife was about to give birth. Because the first child was delivered smoothly, I thought it would be easier this time. As a result, when the amniotic fluid broke, the fetal heartbeat dropped sharply, and the wife also had symptoms of fainting. The doctor saw that the situation was not good. It is recommended to switch to Caesarean section. At 20:20 on April 19, 2020, the mother and son are finally safe, and the second son, Tian Tian, came to this world.

At the moment the child was born, I looked at his little face, little hands, and the doubts in my heart disappeared. The familiar feeling of breaking the boat reappeared. I was born with a ruthless heart. I sent a message to my sister the next day. Borrow another hundred thousand. Since job-hopping is not possible, I want to grow in a short time, so I can only take on outsourcing.

  • I took the computer to the hospital. When Xiao Tiantian and his wife were asleep, they browsed various programmer posts about private work, and finally registered on the programmer s inn, code market, open source crowdsourcing and other tripartite platforms;
  • Send WeChat to the class teacher who can speak, and you can contact me if you have information needs;
  • At the same time, I chatted with a big V in my circle of friends. In 1997, I paid attention to it when I was learning java. It has been more than 3 years. I watched him write articles and do self-media. Worry-free.

I take the initiative to contact all the resources that can be tried. I can't manage that many. There is always nothing wrong with trying.

At night, Xiao Tiantian didn't sleep well. After his wife fell asleep, Xiao Tiantian quarreled me and hugged me to sleep. Once I fell asleep on the camp bed while hugging me. After waking up, my posture did not change. Tim also slept peacefully. Looking at the time, two hours later, I was a little frightened. If I loosen my hand when I fall asleep, Tim Tim will fall to the ground. He didn't dare to sit with Tim Tim in his arms, forcing himself to walk around in the hospital. The wife wakes up and then nurses.

My sister called me the money soon. As always, I didn t say much. I also silently set a goal in my heart: instead of pitying myself for not repaying the money for three years, it s better to pay it back a little bit every month if I can. 5.thousand in a month.

There is no rationality for this goal, no consideration of the actual situation, it is completely decided by the head, but the actual situation is that I save money every month, and can only spend 1,000 at most.

The rest must be through other means.


Just like changing careers, list all the attempts you can do, and attack them one by one.

Just think, don t do it, and build a castle in the air; once you start to act, your thoughts will continue to flow, and then through the action to verify, form a closed loop and find the right way.

I seem to be back two years ago. I was busy every day from morning to night, with children at night

It s so cheap, when I was not pregnant with a second child before, so much time, I just wanted to fish and play games.

Now that the second child is born, it s time to jump again, but thinking about transformation

Get up at six in the morning, run for half an hour, come back to write an article on the official account, go to work at 9:30 and finish the meeting, and work until 2 o clock, then do private work, take the children out for a walk after dinner at seven, nine o clock Continue to check and fill vacancies until 11 o'clock, and change the child's diapers in the middle of the night

I thought I would not be able to carry it, but it took 3 months to carry it.

The official account with great effort, for the message function, buy other official accounts for notarization; in order to have more video materials, buy and collect everywhere; write a lot of time every day;

The result is tepid, and the growth of fans is extremely slow

Make great efforts to contact the company's teachers and classmates surrounding resources, and it is almost a meal appointment.

As a result, there are a lot of recommended lists, all of which are unreliable. Almost all of them realize one WeChat a week, with a budget of only 10,000.

In the end, the platform, which was almost hopeless, received private activities. After completing the preliminary data review, some orders came in one after another.

But there are also some unreliable lists. Many needs are not clear. After you have done half of it, you have to change it again. It is only natural.

The platform deductions are also inclined to Party A, and Party A must check and accept before they can make money. Isn t this the Overlord Clause?

I was almost dismissed a few months ago, thinking that it would be a waste of time anyway, so I kept doing small projects tepidly.

WeChat bosses will also recommend some devices from time to time. The function is not complicated, but the time is tight and the money is not much. Generally, the demand can make a few hundred a week.

The price/performance ratio is too low. It takes five or six hours to finish my job every day, and it takes five or six hours for private work. The hourly salary difference is 5 times.

No way, since the goal is the stars and the sea, the little thorns in the process must be endured

The turning point appeared in July. It may be that I have done too many small projects. Suddenly, a big guy asked me to make a react-native app, 500 per day, settlement on the same day, and the construction period is three weeks.

The pie fell in the sky, so I knelt and licked it to pick it up.

I took a look at the requirements. It is a video, a chat room, and a multi-tab information flow. The app that I have been iterating for more than half a year is not as complicated as his. In three weeks, I still need Android ios to be fully online. I... ..

Of course it is full of promise. Just kidding, the settlement is on the same day. Just send the progress video every day and arrange tomorrow

Fortunately, my job was not very busy at the time, and the official account article also saved a lot of words, basically all in

Discussed with my wife, I sleep in the computer room by myself at night

Go ahead

I don t know how to live. During those three weeks, apart from going to the bathroom, I never left the study, and my mother sent me in for meals.

Fortunately, I have had experience from zero to online in my previous app. Although the requirements have changed greatly, they are always changing. The architecture is ready to use, and the original requirements are found in tripartite libraries.

After desperately working for three weeks, the follow-up was changed for 1 week, more than 20 days in a row, more than 10,000 yuan was earned, and the basic functions were completed. After they had their own react-native engineers, they took over maintenance and iteration, which was very good. I can't stand it anymore.

Looking at the numbers on the bank card, I felt that I was so rich. I turned to be a serf and sang. I have never had a deposit of more than 10,000 since I graduated. I wanted to change my mobile phone at the first time. A broken mobile phone would have been lost. Can't play. After watching for a long time, I still didn t buy it. I returned the old girl s 8k and gave Mr. Li 3k. I streamed 2k activities. After that, it seemed to open up. The platform often had projects to look for. I was too tired. I pushed a part and took a break. After half a month, the follow-up reception is no longer casual, and there is a certain standard of judgment

  1. For private projects, the front and back ends are all found through the platform. The demand is a word document. It is best not to receive it. The demand is not very clear. It is very troublesome to change it afterwards. (The money will be settled every day or every week)
  2. After setting up the project, it is best not to accept it. The students don t have much money. Although the needs are simple, the cost performance is very low. It is better to cultivate the body and mind and wait for good opportunities.
  3. Medium-sized projects, with its own product design back-end, design drawings and interface documents, and relatively clear requirements.
  4. Large-scale projects have their own product design back-ends, design drawings and interface documents, but they are platform-based, and they should be connected carefully.

Anyway, the basic principle is: if you pay quickly, consider more if you have a higher hourly salary.

Later, I took a vue project, simple h5 and web dual-end development. This is a project system, and you can only receive the money after you click the acceptance. There were no good projects at the time, so just do it slowly. The requirements were changed in about a month, but it took two months for follow-up testing + bug fixes, countless new requirements + incomplete testing, really good temper is about to be burned. It's over. Fortunately, I was not in a hurry at the time. I had already paid the old girl's money for three months in advance, so my mentality is stable. Anyway, there is no good project for the time being. Although this is constantly changing, the technology stack is very familiar with vue web development. Unlike the app, do you still need to consult the documentation to tackle the problem? As soon as the requirements and bugs are raised, I will solve them in 1-2 hours.

Then at the end of November, the scattered private activities ensured that the old girl could be paid 2k-3k per month. Anyway, the repayment speed of 5k for two months was basically guaranteed. At the same time, the vue project was finally accepted. Although the time span is large, the most Fortunately, I got more than 10,000, and I have a few months of loan repayment budget. At the same time, the official account has resumed the progress of one weekly, and everything is progressing steadily.

At the beginning of December, the Vue project personnel suddenly wanted to hire me for a long time. Internship was 8k for three months, 10k for regularization, and pay on the 10th of each month. Although it was remote, I needed to be there on call.

This, a real turning point is coming

Gradually, I won't take up other private work. Now the repayment is no problem at all. I still want to be the headline Nuggets from the media to see if I can continue to break the game.

At the beginning of the 21st year, I focused on my own and full-time private work. After the initial stage of the project, everything was relatively stable. Basically, I started working 5 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon. For articles and videos, try more from the media.

About front-end switching

Start a family first or start a business first

A man's life is very simple, grasping two points, it is basically positive. Difficulties are also temporary, and they can be overcome and overcome. Partner, profession. If these two points are stable, the fundamentals of life will not collapse. No matter how low your starting point is, it will only go smoother and smoother.

My wife is the object of my crush in high school. After graduating from college, the special fate made us reunite. After talking with friends, there are a lot of topics to talk about, interesting things about high school, college experiences. Home is also close, knowing the roots and knowing the bottom, there is a certain trust index from the beginning. Our two friends also overlap. Classmates can often come out to play together, sit with my wife at home and play mahjong. It is not a good thing to kill the Quartet.

There have been bumps and bumps, and divorce has also happened. After all, the past few years have been trivial, one child, two children, buying a house and decorating, switching from zero to another job, all concentrated together. It is really overwhelming for people to breathe, and we have a bad temper. She stunned me, and she can go to the present, relying on trust and affection. The emotions are temporary, and she will think of the other party when she changes her mind.

If I don t meet a wife, I m likely to accomplish nothing. The family completes me. With a home, I am willing to endure hardship, start from scratch, and tolerate contempt and injustice. Now, five years later, I stand at the 30-year-old node. Looking forward and backward, in the coordinate system of life, I am most grateful for the past five years. I have found my direction, established a career, and completed the original accumulation of changing careers. What is the future? There is no feeling of confusion and the basics have been set. , The rest is perfection and accumulation.

I am a family first and then a business. There is nothing to be proud of. It just shows that I was lazy in my mind before I was 25 years old. Because of laziness, the college entrance examination is free to choose majors; because of the fun, the university is random; because of freedom, after graduation, I just want to go to fun cities. Ideology can't keep up with age at all, and will surely be beaten by life. Two years after graduation, he sells fish in the name. In fact, he is a vagrant. After three years of graduation, he still gets a salary of 2000 in the community. The key is that he has no desire to forge ahead.

Some people have been educated by their parents since childhood, have seen the market, know the market, and can make a choice that suits them at the nodes of career choice, such as the timing of job-hopping, the choice of the first job, the major after the college entrance examination, and the placement of liberal arts and sciences. , Then grow flowers step by step, cross over and smoothly, and then get married after starting a career.

But most people are just like me. They didn't have any awareness at the beginning. Under the beating of life, they gradually realized the importance of career, workplace, and choice. Rising up and writing a story of the Jedi counterattack, people are growing up, as long as they start, it's not too late.

"If you start working hard now, the worst will not be a late bloomer"

Some thoughts on changing careers and self-study

01 The mentality must be stable, choosing a career means choosing a life

When switching to this business, age is not a problem. Mentality is very important. If you want to make a lot of money and try to be comfortable, it is often impossible to change careers;

Don't pursue short-term gains and losses, but based on a five-year and ten-year plan.

When Chairman Mao fights a war, he must first unify his thoughts; the same is true of changing careers, and ideological awareness is the first step.

Choosing an industry often means choosing a life. The criteria for judging whether you like it should be more diversified: treatment, development, work style, interpersonal relationships, personal strengths, personality characteristics..., we must consider, weigh the pros and cons, and minimize the two evils.

I have been a veterinarian for five years and many people have good prospects, but when I think of dealing with pigs, horses, cattle, sheep and pets for the rest of my life, how desperate it should be.

My sister is a teacher, has a stable job, and has a sense of accomplishment in teaching and educating people. However, she often feels aggrieved by the lack of an ascendant channel and regrets that there are no like-minded comrades around her.

Classmates do engineering, get money, but also have the distress of socializing every day, and the construction site is exhausted.

The street civil servants' selection and transfer students enjoy stability, fame and fortune, but also suffer from the troubles of trivialities and falsehoods.

The big fish seller, who has made enough money, always says that he regrets his life, but only sells fish, and the messy and messy environment will accompany his life.

There is no absolute good job, just to see if it suits you, try to experience it while you are still young, gain momentum for the possible development, taste the impossible career, and ask yourself what you want.

02 Trial and error are indispensable, only after experience can you have a say

People will always only see the glamour of a certain profession, and gains and losses; good professions are the same, but bad professions are different; compared to glamour, when choosing at first, you should pay more attention to the pain caused by the industry, whether Can withstand; because it makes you give up halfway, it will always be these bad places.

How to find out the boundary of one's own endurance? How to really understand yourself? Thinking is not enough. The first priority in changing careers is trial and error.

When I graduated, I thought that I was extroverted and optimistic. I found that I could not bear so much pressure. I wanted to pick up a profession, but I found that I didn t like animals to endure it every day. I wanted to do business and sell fish, but I found that the messy and poor income depended on heaven; Mixed with civil servants in the community and found that they do not like official interpersonal affairs;

To get rid of the chaos, I am looking for an industry that does not need to look at people's faces, has development, and eats technology. Choose computer and Chinese medicine.

A large number of attempts in a short period of time, from the multi-dimensional considerations of work pay, working hours, work style, promotion channels, interpersonal relationships, etc., find the priority that you cannot bear, and choose a life.

Don't be too concerned about the difficulty of changing careers, it takes time. Once you find it in your mind, the most difficult step of changing careers has been passed.

After determining the goal of changing careers, do not make grand plans, which will only increase impetuosity; no matter when you start changing careers, you must believe that your life is still long enough to complete all the knowledge of changing careers; feel more about changing careers and learning For the fun it brings, pay less attention to temporary gains and losses; to appreciate the progress process from inability to meeting, from inability to ability, to enhance self-confidence; when you go from novice to beginner, then to expert, the external conditions will naturally Slowly get better.

Living in the boundless hell, loved ones don t understand, the body is exhausted, and the salary can t even support myself..., it s very likely that you will experience this in the early stage of the change of career, take some time to run, sweat, and express the silt. Emotions, don't make decisions just because of emotions, plan when you are awake, and remind yourself with the plan at all times. The time has not come, so stay dormant for the time being.

Here I will focus on it: running is important. I don't have the tolerance for it. In fact, I am emotional and stubborn. I love to give up and covet for ease. The only thing is that I have developed the habit of running in the morning in the mountains of Quzhou. It takes only half an hour every day. Sometimes I am tired, so I can walk without running. When the body is running, the troubles and stasis are released, and it is easier to make the right decision. The enemy of our life is our own emotions. Now I have not lost my temper for a long time, no matter how unbearable things, I will endure one day, When running the next day, it dissipated naturally.

Changing careers inevitably means a lot of learning. Based on my front-end knowledge, from the very beginning html, css, js, jquery, vue, vuex, react, react-native, node, browser, network, security... .

If I knew that I had to learn so many things at the beginning, I might have given up. After watching java for half a year, I wrote some small projects just to cultivate the habit of learning. Later, because of my new life, I thought about going all out. Looking for a job in IT, I started to learn the front-end when I couldn't find a job. At first, I just wanted to write a web-version resume with html+css. Different companies have different technology stacks, so I went through the above knowledge step by step.

It's all about life pushing and going, there is no plan, the direction is determined, just go ahead.

03 Cultivate interest and think from the perspective of a lifetime

Xiaobai learns, maintaining interest is the first priority, and heavy tasks will kill interest; the steps can be small, as long as you don't give up.

If you don t understand the concept, let it go first, the project will not be done, stop for a while, and give yourself more time to find your points of interest. I'm very curious about the effect of the code. I don't know why I wrote it this way, and I can see that effect in the browser. So at the beginning I collected a variety of simple front-end projects and copied the code crazily. Yes, I copied the code a little bit, and then watched the effect in the browser; later I copied the video and copied it to places that I really don t understand. , Will look at the documentation. I am a more stubborn person, where I don't understand, I will die if I don't sleep. After copying this way for half a year, I copied the front-end vue, react, node, and applet projects almost once. It seems that I have opened up the two lines of Ren and Du. Some knowledge points will naturally be understood. One is to know the effect, and the other is to know how to write. , Look at the document again, a lot of knowledge points are sorted out in this way, and then all kinds of knowledge points are connected together, I can also choose the technology stack to structure according to the project needs.

In this process, I didn t work hard to get a quick promotion and raise my salary, but simply like to copy. The first small goal was to copy the code for 10 minutes a day, slowly half an hour, an hour, and then not Set the time and copy it when you have time. I really feel the pleasure from copying the code to see the effect.

So in fact, I didn't feel too much pain in the process of changing careers. People who are familiar with me know that I am used to giving up, impulsive and sensitive, and uncomfortable at work, so I may just leave. Because there are codes to copy, and monthly wages to get, there is a greater tolerance for bumps in life.

As for the 35-year-old demarcation line circulating in the IT industry, I am actually not afraid at all. One is that I myself continue to learn, and I am not stubborn because of the stability of my job; the second is that I am optimistic about the future development of IT, which will surely enter every aspect of life with the development of technology; the third is that I don t actually have much pursuit. Sustaining enough food and clothing, getting rich is safe. These few years should be the time when life is short of money. Until the age of 35, unless there is a black swan incident, it is not very moisturizing to spend ten thousand dollars a month.

Switching to the front end is the most successful thing in my life, and it is worth my whole life.

If you are interested in IT and front-end, please continue to pay attention to me, I will maintain a two-week update frequency, take you from scratch to get started with front-end, IT community cutting-edge knowledge, and a wide range of introductory materials.

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